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realized projection design

THE MOORS by Jen Silverman

Currently working on Utah State University's production of The Moors as the projection designer. Below are a few samples of various projection techniques we may use in the production.

[Re:] FUSE by The Fusion Theatre Project

In the midst of the COVID 19 pandemic, Theatre students all over the country were seeking alternative forms of theatre performance to continue their studies. We formed the Fusion Theatre Company before the pandemic and were determined to follow through with original, devised works, while keeping everyone safe with strict adherence to COVID guidelines. Our theatre piece became a filmed work, in which we used green screens to ensure that only one actor was unmasked in the room at a time. I functioned as the Costume Designer, the Animation Designer, a Cinematographer, and a Playwright for one of the 9 short films. Each piece had between 1-3 actors in different roles and settings. We adapted styles and filters according to the themes we wanted to emphasize in each piece. This was an extremely collaborative work in which I worked with the Playwrights and Director to generate effects and animation that transformed these short plays into something special. 


In collaboration with the Director and Design Team, we wanted to emphasize the Dungeons and Dragons world of our characters. We did this by painted environmental projection, created by my co-designer Sera Shearer, meant to look like D&D illustrations. In addition to the environmental projections, I created hand drawn animation, meant to emulate the drawings and notes Tilly would have created inside her D&D notebooks. 


This was a concert production of Hunchback. Singers were distributed between two platforms on a basic stage with a blank rectangular drop behind them. I filled that drop with atmospheric, abstracted animation and imagery to support the singers on stage.