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costume design PROJECTS


A Modern, Circe de Solie inspired design of Lewis Carrol's Alice in Wonderland. I wanted to focus on creature and puppet design while exploring how the visuals could support circus style performance and movement. Digitally rendered through Procreate on the iPad Pro. 


A King's Men production of George Lucas's Star Wars, designed using period theatre methods, technology and fashion. An homage to the original film, firmly set in Elizabethan England. Leia is portrayed as a biological male actor, dressed in female presenting costume, R2D2 is a barrel on wheels and Chewbacca is a Scottish Warrior with a thick accent rather than an alien creature. This was rendered in Procreate with the iPad pro, using custom watercolor brushes. 

THE RING OF NIBELUNG opera by Richard Wagner

A fantastical, epic interpretation of the first Ring Cycle Opera. This design was rooted in the Viking/Norse aesthetic with influence from neo traditional tattoo design. It was originally rendered in alcohol marker, ink, and colored pencil, on mid-toned paper. It was then gently enhanced in Procreate.

LA TRAVIATA opera by Giuseppe Verdi

A period appropriate design of Verdi's La Traviata. This is my first exploration rendering with manipulated assets or 'photo bashing'. Originally rendered in Procreate and then filtered through the Prisma App. The filtering process helps marry the different elements of digital painting, illustration and photographs. For additional breakdowns of my photo bashing process, see the Teaching tab, under Sample Handouts and Supplementary Materials.

DRACULA a ballet adaptation

A Ballet adaptation of Bram Stoker's Dracula. I wanted to focus on the Vampires as seductive monsters; with emphasis on the monster. This lead to the development of masks that would look beautiful and sculptural in one moment and then unhinge the jaw to reveal rows of sharp teeth and fangs. This was originally rendered in watercolor on white paper, and then digitally enhanced onto black and grey backgrounds in Procreate on the iPad Pro.